JUST LAUNCHED..."Brand New FREE VIDEO -- Professionally Answers The 13 Topmost Programming Questions You Should Be Asking Before Learning Programming"

In this video, Veteran Software Consultant and Programming Instructor -- Emeke Odili --  Answers the below listed, 13 all important programming questions in pin point detail...

  1. What is Programming?
  2. What is the Difference between Programming and Coding?
  3. Which Programming Language Should You Learn First?
  4. How Can You Make Money From Programming?
  5. What Computer Specification Do You Need For Programming?
  6. Can You Learn Programming With Just Your Smart Phone?
  7. Must a Programmer Be Good At Math?
  8. Can You Teach Your Self Programming?
  9. Is Computer Programming Hard To Learn?
  10. Is Coding Still Worth Learning?
  11. Where Do You Start From In Learning Programming?
  12. Will Programming Jobs be Automated?
  13. How Long Does it Take to Learn Programming?

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