Python Mastery Course: From Basic to Advanced

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About Course

In today’s Programming World, Python has become one of the most popular and highest in demand Programming Language…
Basically because it is a General-Purpose, Programming Language. Once you learn and understand the Python Programming Language, you can use it to develop different kinds of applications as you deem fit…
… including: Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Command line Applications, Cyber Security Applications, Data Analysis Applications, Robotic Applications, etc…
Then even better, Python applications run very well a variety of operating systems, including: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, etc…
And most importantly, the Python Programming Language is one of the easiest to learn and understand because of its simple syntax that are very close to English Language.
And best of all, the Python Programming Language is an Open Source, Programming Language. Which means you are very free to use the Python Code to develop whatever application you so desire– Whether for non-commercial or non-commercial purposes– without having to pay any dime to anyone.
This Course takes you by the hand, and practically teaches you the Python Programming Language from the very basic right to the advanced level.
By the time you get through taking this unique Python Master Class, you will certainly gain the required knowledge and confidence to be able to develop any application as you deem fit with the Python Programming Language.
Added to this course are 3 downloadable PDF files, which are serve as cheat sheets to help you get a better understanding of this course.
As you take the course, if you do have any question, you can feel very free to send us your questions if you have any and we will answer you as soon as possible.
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Effectively Setup Your Python Development Environment
  • How to Install and Configure IDE (VS Code) for Python Development
  • The Essentials of Python Programming Language
  • Python Decision Control With If Statements
  • Looping in Python and How to Control Iteration
  • Understanding Python Sequence and Data Structures
  • How to Write Python Functions and Modules
  • How to Do Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • How to Handle Exceptions In Python
  • The Fundamentals of Network/Socket Programming in Python
  • File Management in Python
  • How to Use Python for Database Driven Applications

Course Content

Course Introduction

  • Introduction

Python Environment Setup
How to Setup Python on Windows

Python Essentials
This section teaches the essentials of the Python Programming Language

Python Decision Controls
How to make decisions in Python

Python Loop/Iteration
How to loop and manage iterations in Python

Python Sequence/Data Structures

Python Function/Modules
How to work with Python Functions and Modules

Python Classes/Objects
Object Oriented Programming in Python

Python Exception Handling
How to handle Exception in Python

Python Network Programming
How to do Network Programming in Python

File Input/Output
File Management in Python

Python And Database
This section teaches you how to connect your Python Application to a Database Management System

Final Words

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