Python Mastery Course: From Basic to Advanced

Categories: programming languages
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Effectively Setup Your Python Development Environment
  • How to Install and Configure IDE (VS Code) for Python Development
  • The Essentials of Python Programming Language
  • Python Decision Control With If Statements
  • Looping in Python and How to Control Iteration
  • Understanding Python Sequence and Data Structures
  • How to Write Python Functions and Modules
  • How to Do Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • How to Handle Exceptions In Python
  • The Fundamentals of Network/Socket Programming in Python
  • File Management in Python
  • How to Use Python for Database Driven Applications

Course Content

Course Introduction

  • Introduction

Python Environment Setup
How to Setup Python on Windows

Python Essentials
This section teaches the essentials of the Python Programming Language

Python Decision Controls
How to make decisions in Python

Python Loop/Iteration
How to loop and manage iterations in Python

Python Sequence/Data Structures

Python Function/Modules
How to work with Python Functions and Modules

Python Classes/Objects
Object Oriented Programming in Python

Python Exception Handling
How to handle Exception in Python

Python Network Programming
How to do Network Programming in Python

File Input/Output
File Management in Python

Python And Database
This section teaches you how to connect your Python Application to a Database Management System

Final Words