Programming Courses

“Here is a List of The Downloadable Programming Video Courses we Currently Have”

  1. HTML and CSS Video Course (Price: N19,900)
  2. PHP Symfony (Video Course on Symfony 6) (Price: N29,900)
  3. Python Programming Video Course — From Basic to Advanced (Price: N19,900)
  4. Python Ethical Hacking Video Course — How to Create Custom Ethical Hacking Tools (Price: N29,900)
  5. Unit Testing With PHPUnit (Price: 19,900)

While we are still working on hosting our Programming Courses in a Membership Area for you to take your course online, we currently already have the above listed courses available for sale on request.

Then if you need any other pre-recorded programming course that’s not listed above, you can also make your request and we will create it for you as soon as possible.

Fill out the form below to request for any of the above listed Video Courses or any other one that is not mentioned above