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Have you ever wondered why many folks passionately begin to learn Software Programming, aiming to earn high income from it…

…only for them to throw in the towel and opt for other trades or jobs after learning for some time?

It’s not just about passion or talent; it’s about having the right guide and proven information. That’s where “Program and Grow Rich” comes in…

This isn’t just another mentorship program; it’s your ticket to becoming a proficient, highly skilled programmer and creating multiple streams of income as an entrepreneur.

I’m Emeke Odili. Veteran Multi-Lingual Programmer, and Software Consultant. The Founder of Softerboom Technologies.

My Journey To Programming Success

My Journey to Programming started over a decade ago, when I decided to learn an online marketable skill, that will also enhance my Internet Business Adventures…

From building websites with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software to mastering HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, I delved into full-stack web development for three years before pursuing Economics at university.

Post-graduation, after exploring various ventures, I circled back to programming, diving into open-source PHP web builders like WordPress and Joomla. The journey didn’t stop there—I expanded my repertoire to include JavaScript, Python, Java, and their frameworks, driven by market demands…

…yet, I realized that continuous learning wasn’t enough; it was time to monetize my programming skills.

This pivotal decision transformed my learning routine into a thriving programming business. I’ve not only made millions but accumulated vast experience and expertise. Recognizing the pathway to programming success, I present “Program and Grow Rich,” a coaching/mentorship program…

Join me as I take you on a personalized journey, hand-in-hand, unlocking the shortcuts to success in record time.

Here Is a Sneek-Peek of What You Can Get in The Program and Grow Rich Mentorship Program

  • Learning Path Guidance: Navigate your personalized learning journey with expert advice tailored to your goals and interests.

  • Code Reviews: Fine-tune your coding style with detailed feedback and constructive critiques from experienced mentors.

  • Project Planning and Management: Turn your ideas into successful projects with strategic planning and execution.

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting: Uncover the art of efficient debugging and problem-solving strategies.

  • Development Environments: Optimize your workflow by setting up efficient and productive development environments.
  • Programming Entrepreneurship Guide: Discover the entrepreneurial side of programming and turn your skills into a lucrative venture.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of the curve with a mentorship program that emphasizes continuous learning.

  • Ethical and Professional Conduct: Embrace a code of ethics in your programming journey for long-term success.

  • Career Path Guidance: Receive personalized career advice tailored to your aspirations, whether you aim for industry positions, freelancing, or entrepreneurship.

I’ve successfully trained and mentored numerous programming students, both online and offline, and they’ve got the testimonials to prove it.

Here Are Some Testimonies From My Delighted Students

“Emeke Odili Virtually Transferred his Programming Passion to Me”

As a fresh Computer Science Graduate, with absolutely no Programming experience, Mr. Emeke Odili helped me translate my theoretical knowledge of Programming into a Professional skill that I am now making good living with. In short, he virtually transferred his Programming Passion to me. I will always confidently recommend him to anyone that is really serious about learning Programming Professionally”– Maro Adebe (Full Stack Web/Mobile App Developer, at Annotch Digital Limited)

Invest in yourself, sign up now, and let’s turn your programming passion into a lucrative career. It’s not just about learning code; it’s about earning big. Choose success—choose “Program and Grow Rich.”

Act fast! Your dream programming career awaits. Don’t just dream it, program it!

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To your programming success,

Emeke Odili
Founder/C.E.O, Softerboom Technologies

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