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“Who Else Wants Dedicated, ‘One-On-One’ ONLINE PROGRAMMING TRAINING With A Veteran, Multi Lingual, Full Stack Programming Instructor?”

Dear Aspiring Programmer,

As you read this, it is very likely you seriously desire a dedicated, One On One Online Programming Training, with an experienced Programming Instructor, who can effectively impact you with the right knowledge you require to become a proficient and expert programmer as soon as possible…

If that’s what you actually want, then you are certainly reading the right message.

So Who Am I?

I’m Emeke Odili. A Veteran, Multi Lingual Programmer, Software Consultant, Programming Instructor and Mentor–with over a decade of experience. I am the Founder and C.E.O of Softerboom Technologies. A fully Registered and Certified ICT Services and Training Firm.

And yes, I am a Christian Teacher, Pastor, Author and Blogger. But Software Consulting, Application Development and Programming Training is what I do as a business…

I have trained (And currently still training) people on professional programming on popular programming languages. Including:

⦁ Java
⦁ Python
⦁ Javascript
⦁ HTML and CSS

Then because of my expertise and experience in the above mentioned programming languages, I can also offer training on their popular Libraries, Frameworks and Content Management Systems…
… Including:
⦁ Laravel
⦁ Django
⦁ CodeIgniter
⦁ Spring/Spring Boot
⦁ ReactJs/React Native
⦁ AngularJs
⦁ VueJs
⦁ WordPress
⦁ Joomla and Drupal
⦁ E.T.C…

How I Conduct Programming Training Online

I currently offer my programming training online, by accessing my student’s computer screen with a software(Either TeamViewer or RustDesk) which is installed on both my computer and that of my student.

Then to enable the student hear and follow my instructions in real time, we connect with WhatsApp Voice call, while I am practically doing the teaching on the student’s computer online.

So the experience is virtually the same as if I am there instructing the student live in person…

However, if you prefer other real-time online training systems other than the one I currently use, we can always discuss it and implement it your own way.

So What Are The Training Cost?

Listed below are my different online programming packages, their duration periods and prices…

Programming Basics Package
⦁ Javascript
⦁ With a Practical Project At the End
⦁ Duration( 2 to 3 Months)
⦁ Price: N80,000 (Paid on Three installments)

Full Stack Web Development With PHP
⦁ Javascript
⦁ With a Practical Project At the End
⦁ Duration (2 to 3 Months)
⦁ Price N150,000 ( Paid on Three Installments)

Full Stack Web Development With Python
⦁ Javascript
⦁ Python
⦁ Python Django Framework
⦁ MySQL or PostgreSQL
⦁ With a Practical Project At the End
⦁ Duration (3 Months)
⦁ Price N200,000 ( Paid on Three Installments)

Java Programming Training Package
⦁ Java Basics Training
⦁ Java Advanced Training
⦁ Introduction to Java GUI Programming (Java Spring and Spring Boot)
⦁ Duration (3 Months)
⦁ Price N300,000 ( Paid on Three Installments, With Paypal or Alternative Payment Method)

Android Mobile App Development Training With Java And Android Studio
⦁ Java Basics
⦁ Java Advanced
⦁ Android Studio
⦁ With a Practical Project At the End
⦁ Duration (3 Months)
⦁ Price N350,000( Paid on Three Installments)

Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing

  • Python Programming Language
  • Kali Linux
  • Duration (2 Months)
  • PriceN350,000 ( Paid on Three Installments)

Fill out the form below to contact me for a dedicated, one on one training on any of the above listed (or any other) programming packages you are interested in…

Once I receive your message, I’ll get back to you with a feedback on how we can get started as soon as possible.


Emeke Odili

Founder, C.E.O Softerboom Technologies (Programming Instructor)

P.S As I can only accept a limited number of students, I can train and manage effectively per time, I currently have only 3 slots left for new students for this dedicated, one on one, online programming training. So if you are interested in any of the above programming training packages, you need to fill out the above form to contact us now

P.S If you prefer a custom training package other than the ones listed above, you can also fill out the above form and choose ‘other’ from the package list to see if we can offer you the training according to your specification.

I am proud to say Emeke Odili has been an exceptional lead instructor. Emeke is responsible for creating our online courses, and he has done an outstanding job in designing and developing lessons that cater to the needs of our students

“As the founder of the School of Programming, I am proud to say Emeke Odidli has been
an exceptional lead instructor. Emeke is responsible for creating our online courses, and he has done an outstanding job in designing and developing lessons that cater to the needs of our students. Emeke’s dedication and work ethic have been evident in the quality of the courses he has produced. He has poured countless hours into designing lesson plans, creating engaging content, and developing assignments that challenge and push our students to excel. Moreover, Emeke’s responsiveness is unparalleled, whenever assigned a task or request to be completed he will always return with results well before any deadline set for him.
Emeke’s deep passion for programming and teaching is palpable in the way he designs
his courses. His meticulous attention to detail and focus on creating engaging and challenging
content have produced amazing results. His courses have received glowing feedback from our students, with many reporting significant improvements in their programming skills after
completing his courses.
Emeke’s commitment to producing great results for our students is what sets him apart as a lead instructor. He has been able to consistently create lessons that are engaging, informative, and highly effective. His dedication to his craft and commitment to creating the best courses possible is truly remarkable.
Emeke Odili is an outstanding lead instructor for the School of Programming. His dedication, work ethic, and commitment to producing great results for our students are exemplary, and we are proud to have him as part of our team.“

Richard Barkett (Udemy School Of Programming)

Testimonies From My Delighted Students

“Emeke Odili Virtually Transferred his Programming Passion to Me”

As a fresh Computer Science Graduate, with absolutely no Programming experience, Mr. Emeke Odili helped me translate my theoretical knowledge of Programming into a Professional skill that I am now making good living with. In short, he virtually transferred his Programming Passion to me. I will always confidently recommend him to anyone that is really serious about learning Programming Professionally”– Maro Adebe (Full Stack Web/Mobile App Developer, at Annotch Digital Limited)

Emeke Odili taught me Java and Android Programming within 2 months

Have fun learning programming with Emeke Odili, he is the best, trust me