7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Effectively

When it comes to blog monetization, the first option often given to Bloggers, is Google Adsense. No doubt Google Adsense and other Ad Networks are a good way to monetize a blog.

But there are other good and faster ways to monetize your blog effectively…

 If you’re a blogging beginner, getting your Google Adsense account approved by Google takes some time. Google requires your blog traffic to reach a certain level, plus meet other requirements before they approve your Adsense account…

And this means you have to write and publish so much content; do lots of promotion. And wait for so long for your blog to gain popularity and then apply for your Adsense account to get approved…

But while you are waiting for such a long time before you start monetizing your blog, you would be incurring costs and paying bills already.

And because of the recurrent bills, without any short term income, many a bloggers’ blogging career are often short-lived. Because of lack of income in the short run, many bloggers quickly throw in the towel out of frustration…

Then even some of the resilient ones that are determined to wait till the end, are not able to sustain their determination because of lack of income.

You know, as a blogger, even if you’re only promoting through free traffic sources, you’ll still be incurring some recurrent costs.

To run a blog consistently, you need Electric Power; you need Internet browsing data. And most importantly, you surely need a computer or good mobile phone. And all these require money for consistency. You have to pay power and Internet bills.

 Then your computer or phone may need repair or replacement. But if there is absolutely no income from your blogging business within a certain time, your blogging business is not bound to be sustainable.

So listed below are seven quick and effective ways to monetize your blog apart from Adsense…

7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Effectively

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Just register with affiliate programs that are relevant to your blog niche and get their banner on your blog. And when your blog visitors click on the banner, with your affiliate link embedded in it, you earn good commission…

    Then to up your affiliate marketing game, you can also be reviewing affiliate products or services in your blog. And occasionally you can be promoting them to your e-mail list. You can get affiliate products to promote by joining Amazon Associate Program, clickbank.com, jvzoo.com, e.t.c…

  2. Dropshipping: Another effective way to monetize your blog is through Dropshipping. In Dropshipping, you create an online store and then populate it with product images and prices…

    Even though you don’t have the products in stock. When a customer orders, you contact a merchant to supply the ordered product to the customer.

    If your blog is running on a self-hosted WordPress, you can easily use plugin such as Woocomerce to setup a dropshipping store in one of your blog pages.

     And when someone places an order, you can forward the order to a merchant in another online marketplace. For the supply at a cheaper rate and you make good profit. You can get merchants that will supply products to your customers, anywhere in the world at low prices from either aliexpress.com or alibaba.com.

     And when you do seek for merchants in any of these online marketplaces, you must do your research very carefully so you don’t fall into the hands of scams.

  3. Reseller WebHosting: You can also monetize your blog with reseller hosting. You can register a reseller hosting account with web hosts like Hostgator or Namecheap. And start reselling the hosting at profitable rates by placing ads in your blog for your blog readers to see.

  4. Create Information Products: Another good way to monetize your blog effectively, is to create great information products and promote it in your blog and to your e-mail list.

     Information products include: How to Books/E-Books, Info Video/Audio and Softwares.
  5. Theme and Plugin Development: Every now and then, people setup blogs and websites in the different blogging platforms…

     Including the Free and paid platforms. And often time, people want their blog or website to have some unique and better look. Then eventually, they also want some unique functionalitioes that are not available by default in the blogging platforms.

     And the quickest option available to them for solving their customization problem, is premium themes and plugin. So you can also monetize your blog by developing premium or freemium themes and plugins…

    And promoting them in your blog. If you don’t have the technical skills to develop themes and plugins… you can either learn them or hire developers to help you develop them for you. 
  6. Render Services: You can also monetize your blog by advertising your skills and rendering your services to your blog audience. The services you can render in your blog include: Website Design and Development, Copywriting, Article Writing, etc.
  7. Sell Advert Space: Once your blog has enough traffic, you can monetize by advertising and selling advert spaces on your blog. You can sell advert space for weekly or monthly pay. Then people can also be paying you for featured blog posts. Then you can also apply for Google Adsense program to monetize your blog further.

Conclusion: Listed above are seven ways for you to monetize your blog effectively. You can choose the ones you’re more comfortable with. At least you now know that Google Adsense is not the only way to monetize your blog.

Yes, it is one of the effective ways to monetize a blog. But you’ve now seen other ways that can enable you make good income from your blog right off the bat.


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