The PROGRAMMING SKILL is More Important Than Your Computer

Often time, when most folks contact me for Programming Training, after our conversations, when I give them Prices for my Programming packages, they tell me they don’t have any money to pay for the training…

Most of them will tell me they have used all their money and savings to buy a computer for the sake of learning Programming, so they don’t have any money left with them to pay for the training.

And even when I explain to them that my online One-On-One Training costs me resources, including: money, time and energy; and as such, can’t be free, they still persist in trying to persuade me to teach them for free…

In short, one particular guy chatted with me up about my Programming Training, and after our discussion, when I gave him my training price, he just wrote, ‘419’ (meaning, scam) and left the chat.

But I find such mindset very ridiculous to say the least.

Now if someone can save up money to buy a Computer because he wants to learn Programming, why can’t he also save up money to pay for the Programming Knowledge, which is even much more important than the Computer itself?

Now inasmuch as I know that Computer is very important for both learning and practicing the Programming skill, acquiring the Programming Knowledge is much more important.

So if you plan to learn Programming, as you save up money for the a Computer,you should also save to pay for your Programming Training. Because the Programming Knowledge and Skill is much more important than the Computer.

Emeke Odili

Founder/C.E.O Softerboom Technologies

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