What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Really Work?

 An Autoresponder is an application that enables you set up messages; to be delivered to your subscribers automatically. Autoresponder messages can be preset sequence of E-mail messages, SMS and even recently, Social Media messages. However, E-mail Autoresponders are the oldest and the most popular form of autoresponder services online.

In the world of Internet Marketing, E-mail Marketing has proven to be the fundamental and the most effective marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, underneath every successful Internet Marketing campaign, is an email marketing strategy.

The common cliché among digital marketers is “The money is in the list”. And from my years of experience, I totally agree with the fact that the money is actually in the E-Mail list.

 In Email Autoresponder Marketing, the common practice is to set up a landing page or an opt-in form for receiving customers’ contacts. Then some messages are programmed to be sent out to the list subscribers at some intervals…

 Example of these intervals include: Day 0, Day 3, Day 7, etc… In some cases, an autoresponder is usually set up just to send a welcome message, immediately someone subscribes to the list.

Sophisticated Autoresponders

There are more sophisticated form of autoresponders, usually referred to as marketing automation and CRM. In this system of autoresponders, autoresponder messages are programmed to be sent out based on several customer interaction events. These events include: join event, page visit event, email click event, email open event, etc…

What Can An Autoresponder Be Used For?

An Autoresponder sequence can be used for the following:

  • Sales Messages: You can automate the promotion of your products and services with an autoresponder.

  • Blog Post Update: You can use autoresponder to automatically update your subscribers on your recent blog posts.
  • E-Course: You can use an autoresponder sequence to send your subscribers E-Courses. You can set up a 7 days or 15 days e-course automatically with an autoresponder.

  • Sales Funnel Contents: You can use autoresponders to build rapport with your customers using sales funnel.

Terms Associated With Autoresponders

  • Opt-in Form: This is a form placed anywhere on your website, for collecting subscribers info.

  • List: A list is a collection of subscribers’ data. Such as Email addresses, Names and Phone Numbers.

  • Series: This is the sequence of preset emails programmed to be delivered to your subscribers.

  • Events: An Action that triggers an autoresponder series.

  • Segmentation: This is the categorization of E-mail subscribers into different groups for ease of management. For instance, you can segment your list based on: age, location, product, coupon, etc.

7 Top Autoresponder Services

Below is a list of the top autoresponder services you can use for your online business:

  1. Getresponse: Getresponse has a great autoresponder service. Many Internet Marketers—especially affiliate marketers—prefer Getresponse; not only for its relatively good pricing plans. But also for its great freedom of marketing.

     Many E-mail marketing services goes with lots of restriction. And this is where Getresponse is most advantageous. Getresponse pricing plan begins with $15/Month for 1,000 subscribers. Getresponse gives a 30 days free trial.

  2. Sendiio Pro-Ag: Sendiio Pro-Ag is the first and only autoresponder that enables you automate your E-mail, SMS and Fb Messenger messages; all in one central dashboard. The Sendiio autoresponder services is quite new, compared to other autoresponders listed here. But the platform is very innovative and economical for marketing. Sendiio Pricing Plan Begins at $87 one time payment.

  3. Aweber: Aweber is also a very popular and robust autoresponder service that also has powerful marketing automation tools; as well as great landing pages. A friend of mine that uses Aweber, says he particularly loves Aweber’s great landing pages.

    Then if you are also into affiliate marketing, Aweber is also a great choice for you. Aweber’s pricing plan begins at $19/Month for a maximum of 500 subscribers and unlimited e-mails.

  4. Hubspot: Hubspot is one of those platforms that can be properly classified as a Marketing Automation Platform. Among other powerful tools, Hubspot has a great autoresponder tool for effective digital marketing.

    When it comes to advanced, enterprise marketing automation, Hubspot has all the tools you need.

    With their great set of tools, they naturally charge higher than most services listed here. However, if you’re a beginner, I would rather advise you to use other cheaper services listed here.

  5. Mailchimp: Mailchimp has become one of the most popular autoresponder services. Mainly because of its second to none, free forever plan. Mailchimp allows you maintain a list of 2,000 subscribers with 10,000 monthly E-mail quota for free.

    And this is the major reason many beginners opt for MailChimp. However, if you would want to monetize with affiliate marketing, then Mailchimp shouldn’t be your option.

     If you send an e-mail containing any affiliate link, you are sure to be banned immediately. Mailchimp pricing plan begins at $14/month for 2,000 subscribers.

  6. Mailerlite: Mailerlite has some of the best features for autoresponder marketing; with good pricing plans. It has a free forever plan with absolutely no restrictions, unlike Mailchimp that limits the number of E-Mails you can send per month. You can use its free forever Plan for up to 1,000 subscribers.

  7. ActiveCampaign :  When it comes to an autoresponder with an easy to use interface, then Active Campaign it is. It’s marketing automation system is also quite simple. And they also have very fair pricing plans.

In Conclusion: Autoresponders basically help automate messages to subscribers list. And they are really effective marketing tools for automating customers’ relationship. Seven of the top Autoresponder services have been listed above. So you can choose any of them for your marketing needs.

To Learn how to use Autoresponders, check out the Info Graphics below from Getresponse (Discloure: I’m a Getresponse affiliate. So if you sign up with them through any link in this blog, I’ll get a commission. But signing up through my link doesn’t make you pay more or loose out on any of their great offers)

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