Which Programming Language Should You LEARN FIRST?

Countless times, in different groups, I have seen aspiring programmers repeatedly ask; “which programming language should I learn first?”

Now Here’s the Answer to the Question…

While there are gamut of Programming languages to choose from as a beginner, your choice of Programming language or languages should ultimately be determined by the purpose for which you want to learn Programming in the first place.

In this post, I recommend some suitable Programming languages based on the inexhaustive, learning purposes…

1) Programming Languages for Website Development: PHP, Python, Javascript

2) Programming Languages for Mobile App Development: Java, Javascript, Dart, C#, Swift

3) Programming Languages For Game Development: C++, C#, Python

4) Programming Languages for Desktop App Development: C++, C#, Java

5) Programming Language for Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Python

6) Programming Languages for Embedded Systems: C, C++, Python, Java

7) Programming Languages for Arduino: C, C++
8) Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking: JavaScript, Python, C#, Visual Basics PHP, Ruby, etc…

If you just want to learn Programming without a specific purpose in mind yet, I recommend you start by learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Then after learning those, you can proceed to choosing other Programming languages based on the area of Programming you choose to specialize on…

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