Which Software Can I Use For Programming or Coding

Quite often many aspiring programmers, especially those learning by themselves, ask me…

…Which software should I install on my computer for learning

and practicing programming?

And chances are you may also be asking such questions in your mind.


In case you actually want to know the right Software for  Programming or Coding,

below are two of my best recommended

Softwares for Programming…

(1) Notepad++ you can download it free here.

I recommend Notepad ++ for learning and working on Website Development. As you develop with it, you can

be running your codes with a Web Browser such as

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


(2) Visual Studio Code(VS Code): you can download it free at this link here.

Visual Studio Code is a very powerful and free IDE(integrated development environment)

and you can use it for writing so many Programming Languages and Application including,

C++, C#, Python, PHP, Dart, R, Java, Javascript, Rust, Web Applications, Mobile Apps etc.


So if you are actually looking for a software to install to learn and actually

develop an application, those are my favorite recommends.


If you do have any challenge on installing or using any of the above

recommended Programming Softwares, you can contact us here.


Emeke Odili

Founder/C.E.O Softerboom Technologies

12 Salem Avenue, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria

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P.P.S if you prefer to learn programming from video courses,

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