Top 7 Backlink Building Strategies For Online Marketers

Developing a profitable and sustainable online business begins with researching a profitable niche, and creating relevant contents or products to serve or promote to your target audience.

But once you get done with creating the great contents or products, the next most important thing you want to do is get your targeted audience to discover them. So you can have a chance of earning from your efforts. This process of getting your targeted audience to discover and access your website contents is what is referred to as traffic.

And when it comes to driving quality traffic to your website, one of the most effective and sustainable strategy is search engine optimization (S.E.O). S.E.O simply means, tactically tweaking or positioning your website in order to receive free, high search engine ranking.

And among several other search engine optimization strategies, backlink building is one of the most effective. Among other criteria, search engines such as Google, currently rank a website higher, based on the number of backlinks it has with external reputable websites. Backlinks or inbound links, are links to your website or webpage from external websites.

Backlink Building Strategies VS Tactics

From my search engine query analysis, people often ask for backlink building strategies. But what they are actually looking for is backlink building tactics. Because backlink building is actually one of the link building strategies for higher search engine ranking. The other link building strategies being, internal linking and outbound linking.

A strategy is a high level, overall plan for achieving a goal. While tactics are the actionable steps towards implementing a particular strategy. The title of this article was intentionally designed to capture the exact search term. With the intention of guiding people to the right query and proffering the right answers. So in this article we will actually be discussing The Top 7 Backlink Building Tactics for Online Marketers.

The Top 7 Backlink Building Tactics for Online Marketers

  1. Guest Blogging: When it comes to backlink building, the number one tactic on the list is Guest Blogging. Guest Blogging is publishing a blog post in external blogs instead of yours. You publish blog posts to blogs with higher domain authority and traffic than yours; in order to leverage the higher traffic from their larger audience.  As you Guest Blog to these higher authority blogs in your niche, you get backlinks to your website through the Author Bio section of your blog post.

    To find higher authority and traffic blogs in your niche for guest blogging, just do any of the following keyword search with Google:

    1) your keyword + inurl:write-for-us

    2) your keyword + guest-posts

    As you search Google for any of the above two queries, checkup on the top websites that shows up. And make analysis of the websites with the Moz Link Explorer Tool to find out the websites’ authority.  Then after your analysis, you can pitch the ones you choose for guest blogging opportunities, which will definitely increase your backlink.

  2. Regular Social Media Activities

    To build backlinks to your website contents, you need to be regularly active in social media. To build backlinks to your website contents, you have to sign up with as many social media as possible. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Reddit, etc…

    Then as you join, you should include your website links in all your social media profiles. Then apart from that, ensure to always share any and every contents in your website or blog on all the social media platform you belong to. Share posts, images and any update you have. These increases backlinks to your website.

  3.  Broken Link Reporting Tactic:
    The third top backlink building tactic you should employ is the broken link reporting tactic. In this tactic, you search for website contents in your niche with broken links. And once you discover anyone that yours can replace, you reach out to the website owner to report the broken link to him.

    Then as you report, you also courteously request the website owner to replace the broken link with your relevant website content. To search for broken links in your website, you can use the Ahref’s Site Explorer Tool Here.

  4.  Build Your Brand Authority: One of the best ways to get people to naturally link to your website or website contents is to build your brand authority. A brand can be a business or a person. By building a brand authority, it simply means establishing yourself or online business as a reference authority in your niche.

     And the easiest way to do that is to consistently create and share valuable contents in your blog. Even if your online business is not a blog, you still need to blog in your website, in order to build your brand authority. Once your brand authority is established, people will naturally link to your website contents, even without your asking.

  5. Leverage on your top competitors’ Backlinks:  Another great tactic you can employ for building backlinks to your website contents is to analyze your top competitors’ backlinks and leverage on them. To do this, you do a Google search on your keyword.

    After the search, use the moz S.E.O tool to analyze the backlinks of the top ten websites that shows up in your search query. As you discover the top websites where their backlinks are coming from, you also look for how to get backlinks from them. And of course, one of the surest ways you can get backlinks from them is to guest blog with them.

  6. Press Releases:  To get backlinks to your website, you should consistently publish press releases concerning your online business. You can publish press release about product launch, events or trending news related to your business. Then use press release distribution services to distribute them online. As you distribute the press releases to different news sites, you will also get good backlinks.

  7.  Blog Comments: The last but not the least tactic for getting quality backlinks to your website is commenting on blog posts in high authority websites; in your business niche. What you do is to visit high authority websites or blogs in your niche; and then find a post of interest to you, read it and leave your comments. As you comment, before you post, you will have an opportunity to add your website url, which will give you a backlink to your website.

Conclusion: We have seen in the list above that backlink building is one of the linking building strategies for higher search engine ranking. And listed above are the top 7 backlink building tactics. Just go ahead and choose the ones that seems more convenient to you. Obviously, backlink building requires some hard work. But the reward of the hard work, is definitely well worth it in your online marketing business.   

Do you know of some other great backlink building tactics that was not covered here? Please share them in the comment section below.

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