Will ChatGPT Replace Programmers in The Near Future?

Like me, the chances are you must have been hearing and seeing the current trend about ChatGPT all over the net. Each and every passing day you see posts and messages of how to use ChatGPT to do that and that. And to be honest, ChatGPT is indeed a very helpful tool for doing so many stuffs online.

But as a Programmer or an aspiring Programmer, I’m sure the part of the regular posts that gets at you the most, are the constant predictions of people about ChatGPT completely replacing human Programmers in the near future. And as such, if you are planning on learning Programming, you might already be having some concerns or fears…

As a matter of fact, it might have even led you into the dilemma of whether you should still go ahead with learning Programming or not. So in this post, I’m going to help you clear your fears and doubts about ChatGPT replacing you as a Programmer in the near or even far future.

You see, before the advent of ChatGPT, other AI applications has been around for years and has been advancing. But regardless, none of them has been able to completely replace the human side of things…

Why? Because bots have always and will always have their limits, which only humans can mitigate.

For instance, ChatBots has been around for some time now, and has been heavily adopted by many firms for Customer Support. But yet they have not and will never completely replace human customer supports.

ChatBots only help in handling some aspects of Customer Supports that are more of FAQs. But unlike humans, they cannot answer some custom questions, because of their inability to improvise. And at such a time, they refer the customer to a human agent.

Then another instance is Forex and Crypto Trading Bots. While there a many great Trading Bots all over the net, you are never advised to let a bot trade for you, without having to monitor the trades as the bot trades. Any trader that completely commits his funds to a bot to trade without monitoring and controlling it when the need arise, will be doing so at his own peril.

So generally, bots are more of assistants to humans, not replacements. No savvy business man or woman can completely commit any aspect of his business to a bot unaided by any human. In much the same way, no matter its advances of ChatGPT, it can only be of assistance to Programmers to ease and speed up their jobs and never become a replacement in the near or far future.

So if you have been threatened by the possibility of ChatGPT replacing you as a Programmer in the future, rest assured that it will never happen.

Because as a matter of fact, ChatGPT will keep getting developed, advanced and maintained by Programmers in the future.

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